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    4D Tracking Radar
    • Cutting Edge, High Resolution Sensing And Imaging
    • Enables a Host of Autonomous Applications
    • 3D Visualization SDK Facilitates Integration
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    Enabling Autonomy
    • Self-Driving Car Sensors
    • 3D Mapping for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    • Contextual Sensors for Robotic Systems
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    Intelligent Transportation
    • Smart City Intersection Control
    • Arterial Monitoring
    • Automated Real-Time Highway Statistics
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    Advanced Driver Assistance
    • Surround View Monitoring
    • Blind Spot Detection
    • Lane Change Assist
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    Intelligent Enforcement
    • Automated Video, Radar, and Photographic Evidence
    • Mobile In-Car Enforcement Systems
    • Plug and Play Auto Configuration

The Future of Autonomous Sensing

Advanced 4D Tracking

Oculii's radar modules provide precise 4D (3D [X,Y,Z] Positioning and Speed) Tracked Data.

Automatic Camera Overlay

Oculii's Auto-4D Calibration makes it easy to integrate and fuse tracked radar data on top of any video based system.

Rotation & Motion Invariant

Oculii's 4D rotation and motion invariance enables it's use on moving platforms and requires zero user input/calibration.

Stop-Go Target Detection

Oculii's 4D technology enables it to maintain target tracks, even when the objects become completely stationary.

Oculii Automotive Radar (OAR) 77GHz Sensors

  • OAR-200

    Long Range (200M) Automotive 77 GHz Radar. Tracks up to 200 targets both static and moving simultaneously in 4-Dimensions (X, Y, Z, Doppler).
  • OAR-100

    Short Range (50M) Automotive 77 GHz Radar. Tracks up to 100 targets both static and moving simultaneously in 4-Dimensions (X, Y, Z, Doppler).
  • OAR Demo Module

    Demo module for reference and test of the OAR-200 and OAR-100 sensors. Overlays imaging radar data on top of video for visualization and evaluation.

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Oculii's ITS Sensor Portfolio

  • RFS - 77

    Tracks up to 200 targets simultaneously in 4D and provides Target Classification. Displays tracked target data overlaid on top of real-time streaming video.
  • VISDAR - M

    Mobile automated speed enforcement camera system equipped with Oculii's latest 4D radar sensor (RFS-M), capable of In-Car Speed Enforcement looking forwards/backwards or Portable Stationary Enforcement.
  • RFS - 4DHD

    Tracks up to 32 targets simultaneously in 4D (3D position plus speed) and provides Range, Angle (Theta and Azimuth), and Target Classification.
  • RFS - V/M

    Designed for real-time 4D tracking on a mobile platform, the RFS-V/M displays tracked target data overlaid on top of real-time streaming video.

Oculii In the News

Intertraffic Istanbul

Oculii will be on hand at Intertraffic 2015 in Istanbul. Stop by to meet us and learn about our 4D tracking radar technology!


Introducing The RFS-M

Oculii is proud to announce the RFS-M(obile), a motion invariant 4D sensor, capable of tracking up to 32 targets on a mobile platform.



Introducing the VISDAR-P, a hand-held and portable automated speed enforcement system with 4D tracking capabiity.


Startup of the Year!

Oculii has been named "Startup of the Year" by Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, the world's largest mobile entrepreneur community.


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