Oculii Automotive Radar (OAR) - 100

Oculii Automotive Radar (OAR) - 100 Overview

OAR (77GHz) is high performance integrated 77GHz 4D tracking radar, which has a series of OAR-100 (SRR), OAR-200 (LRR/MRR). OAR provides real-time high-resolution 4D information (3D position plus speed) radar track information, which is ideal for vision sensor integration.

OAR-100 delivers simultaneous LRR/MRR functionality; with LRR focusing a narrow beam (+/-7.5 deg.) on long-range targets (200m+) and a wider beam antenna (+/- 25 deg.) of MRR constantly looking out for shorter-range objects.

To facilitate easy integration, a demo host box (OAR-DEMO) equipped with an HD camera and GPS is available for application developers to quickly view the real time streaming video overlay to visualize the radar tracks. Simultaneous 4D measurements on both moving vehicles and stationary objects ensure the system to reliably track, steer and brake in all environments.

The real-time streaming video overlay capability of the Demo Reference Module allows application developers to visualize the radar tracks in real-time, facilitating integration and deployment of the sensors.

A series of flexible OAR sensors are tailored to meet to the need of a wide range of vehicles. The ultra compact and lightweight design makes OAR easy integration to fit into all vehicles.

Product Specifications

Transmit Parameters Band: Automotive (76-81GHz)
Bandwidth: Max 4GHz
Max EIRP: 20dBm
Update Rate: 20Hz
Detection Range Pedestrian: 40m
Car (FCC): 80m
Range Accuracy <0.05 Meters at 80 Meters
Min/Max Detection Speed Min: 0 (Stationary)
Max: +/- 300 km/h



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Product Specifications