RFS-77 (77GHz ITS Sensor)

Oculii RFS - 77 (77GHz ITS Sensor) Overview

The RFS-77 is high performance integrated 77GHz 4D tracking radar for stationary and mobile ITS applications. The RFS-77 provides real-time high-resolution 4D information (3D position plus speed) radar track information, which is ideal for vision sensor integration.

RFS-77 is equipped with an HD camera and GPS for application developers to quickly view the real time streaming video overlay to visualize the radar tracks.

Oculii’s 4D technology enables the sensor to maintain target tracks, even where there is zero Doppler. This makes it ideal for mobile applications in which the Doppler signatures of the targets relative to the platform can be positive, negative or zero. The go-stop-go feature of OTR makes it ideal for intersection applications.

OTR has several output formats: TCP/UDP for live video and data transmission, and RS-485 for cameral triggering and signal control. The POE (power-over-Ethernet) feature extends the operation range over 250m.

Product Specifications

Transmit Parameters Band: 76-81GHz
Bandwidth: Max 2GHz
Max EIRP: 30dBm
Update Rate: 20Hz
Detection Range Pedestrian: 80m
Car (FCC): 250m
Range Accuracy <0.05 Meters at 80 Meters
Min/Max Detection Speed Min: 0 (Stationary)
Max: +/- 300 km/h


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Product Specifications