RFS-V/M Overview

Designed for real-time 4D tracking on a mobile platform, the RFS-V/M is embedded with IMU and GPS sensors which make it rotation and motion invariant. The K-Band 4D RFS-is ideal for Autonomous Vehicle and Mobile ITS and Enforcement Applications.

The RFS-V/M is motion, rotation, and vibration invariant. The internal IMU and GPS supplement internal tracking state vectors to remove any transient sources of platform ego-motion, to stabilize target tracking data.

Oculii's 4D technology enables it to maintain target tracks, even when there is zero doppler. This makes it ideal for mobile applications in which the doppler signature of targets relative to the platform will be positive, negative, or zero.

The real-time streaming video overlay capability allows application developers to visualize the radar tracks in real-time, facilitating integration and deployment of the sensors.

Oculii's 4D radar provides (X,Y,Z) Coordinates, Range, Range-Rate, Azimuth and Elevation Angles at realtime at an update rate of 20Hz. They can be utilized for a variety of applications including automotive, traffic, airborne, medical, and security applications.

Product Specifications

Transmit Parameters Band: K-Band (24GHz)
Bandwidth: 100MHz
Max EIRP: 30dBm
Update Rate: 20Hz
Detection Range Pedestrian: 50m
Car (FCC): 300m
Car (ETSI): 200m
Range Accuracy <0.2 Meters at 300 Meters
Min/Max Detection Speed Min: 0 (Stationary)
Max: +/- 300 km/h
Interface Ethernet: RS485



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