VISDAR-2000 Overview

The VISDAR-2000 is a new generation of automated speed enforcement camera equipped with Oculii's latest 4D radar sensor (RFS-4DHD), capable of monitoring multiple lanes simultaneously.

The VISDAR-2000 provides real-time evidence of multiple speed violations simultaneously, capturing photographic and streaming video overlayed with tracked radar data up to 300 meters away.

Turnkey Automatic Installation - The VISDAR2000 automatically learns the structure of the road, classifies the vehicle type, and identifies all violations without any additional user input or configuration.

Product Specifications

Detection Range 300 Meters
# of Lanes Ideal: 4
Max: Up to 6
License Camera 20MP High Resolution
Wide View Video 1080P HD Color Video
24 Hour Operation Visible and/or IR Flash



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Product Specifications