VISDAR-M Overview

Designed for real-time 4D tracking on a mobile platform, the VISDAR-M is embedded with IMU and GPS sensors which make it rotation and motion invariant. With a 4D tracking feature, VISDAR-M automatically learns and adapts the 3D road environment while on the move and precisely tracks approaching and leaving vehicles over multiple lanes.

The VISDAR-M is an All-In-One Integrated Mobile Radar Enforcement System for In-Car Police Video, Speed Enforcement, Red Light Enforcement, and other ITS applications

Oculii’s 4D technology enables the sensor to maintain target tracks, even near zero Doppler. This makes it ideal for mobile applications in which the Doppler signatures of the targets relative to the platform can be positive, negative or zero. Its high- resolution camera (5MP/9MP/12MP) provides clear violation evidences for law enforcement. The K-Band VISDAR-M is a lightweight portable enforcement system and can be used for stationary installation and mobile enforcement applications.

Product Specifications

Detection Range 15-200 Meters
# of Lanes 5MP: 1-2 Lanes
9MP: 2-3 Lanes
12MP: 3-4 Lanes
Weight 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg)
Video Capture HD 1080P
Interface Ethernet: RS485
License Capture 5MP or 9MP or 12MP Options



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